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At the present time, approval is not required for products used to treat drinking water for private use in New Zealand or Australia. Approvals are however generally required by authorities where the water is used in food processing areas under the strict licence requirements of food standard authorities, such as the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) where the water is used for food processing as a food additive, processing aid, or surface disinfectant.

Pour n Go is approved in New Zealand by MPI as a water treatment and as a food contact surface disinfectant in food processing areas, (NZFSA C61, C43). The main active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, is listed in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines Paper 6 , National Water Quality Management Strategy. (ADWG 6 2011) as suitable for use in the treatment of drinking water.

Pour n' Go is "approved under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (water quality) Regulations 2000 & 2001" for use as an emergency disinfectant in England & Wales.
Drinking water supplied to the public in premises such as cafes, holiday homes and camping grounds, farms stays, farm workers residences etc, may also soon be required to provide water of a quality that meets the requirements of the Drinking Water Standards.


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