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Giardia Protection

Biofilms are the slimy layers that build up in water pipeThe ever-present threat of giardia in natural water supplies is a major concern for the people on rural properties using water drawn from unsecured surface water, shallow wells, springs, or bores.

People travelling, tramping, camping or enjoying the outdoors are frequently alerted to the threat that giardia, now quite widespread throughout the country's waterways, poses to them. In reality, we are all at risk of contacting giardia in many of our other normal daily activities.

Untreated water from natural water sources contains many pathogenic pollutants that in reality probably pose more actual threat to our health than the one big major concern for many, giardia.

All Pour n Go products, in conjunction with other sensible precautions and treatment methods, can reduce the danger posed by giardia and other water borne pathogens.


Pour n' Go - Giardia