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Pour n' Go is used in a wide range of applications, water tank sizes, and water conditions. The recommended dose rates for rural rainwater storage tanks are shown in section "Technical Information - Dosing rates". These are for water tanks operating under typical conditions and are based on concrete or polyethylene tanks that are maintained to recommended standards. Where water consumption is either higher, or lower than normal, this should be taken into account. How to use Pour N GoCatchment areas such as roofs and gutters in dusty areas or with a high resident bird population will require more frequent treatment, and common sense should apply. In general, the water and the plumbing system will benefit from frequent treatment, and the lack of treatment is the only thing that should be avoided.

All Pour n Go products are used to treat water in exactly the same way, simply by adding to the water, mixing by the most convenient means, and allowing time for the disinfection to take place. If insufficient time is allowed before use, disinfection may not be complete, but the Pour n' Go will not create any additional hazard to the water and will at least be more safe to use than before treatment.

Because it is not always possible to establish the precise level of contaminants in the water, adding additional Pour n' Go is often a sensible options and will not affect the taste or safety of the water. If in doubt, don't be afraid to be generous. High doses of Pour n' Go will do more good, and no harm.

Safety Note

Pour n' Go is available in concentrated and reduced strengths. For safety reasons, please note that RV&Marine and Outdoors are only 20% the strength of Pour n' Go Water Tank Treatment.

Pour n Go - Disaster Relief

Pour N Go for civil emergenciesPour n' Go is the ideal product in civil emergencies and natural disasters to combat water borne infections and infectious diseases. It is being increasingly used by emergency and relief agencies. Please contact WaterGain Ltd for additional information regarding this use of Pour n' Go.

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